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Small house

Small house

You are planning to acquire a small house?

We offer a wide range of standardized houses.

Our small houses are perfectly adapted to a clientele looking for a simple, ecological, eco-energy, nature-related and low-cost property. The small houses are a wonderful alternative to second homes but also to main residences. They require little maintenance and can be easily moved and installed in preferred locations that are sometimes difficult to access.

Your project is unusual and you have precise needs? Our team of designers is used to assisting customers in the realization of their projects!

Here is a short description of the standard j240 model:
  • Dimensions: 12×40 feet
  • Complete kitchen
  • Dining room with integrated storage bench
  • Large living area with propane stove
  • Full bathroom with shower
  • 1 bedroom
  • Large mezzanine allowing the addition of 2 to 3 beds – relaxation and comfort area
  • 10-foot ceiling
  • Wall and ceilings in Russian cherry wood
  • 2 balconies (20 feet and 12 feet)
  • Choice of power supply: standard electricity or solar panels
  • And much more…

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